Kinship is a living arrangement in which a relative or close community member takes responsibility for a child or youth when they can no longer reside with their parent or primary caregiver.

At the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST), we look to a child or youth’s extended family (Kin) such as grandparents, aunts, uncles or community members (Kith) such as family friends, neighbours or teachers who can care for them until they can safely return home. Through partnering with Kinship Caregivers, we can better support a child or youth in maintaining their relationships and connections to their families, communities and identities.

Caring through Kinship can take two forms:

  • Kinship Service: the child or youth does not come into the care of CAST but is instead placed in the care of a Kinship family.
  • Kinship in Care: the child or youth is in the care of CAST and the Kinship family goes through the same training and assessment process as Foster Parents.

Kinship Caregivers are supported by a member of our Service team and may be eligible for Temporary Care Assistance through Ontario Works and a range of supports from our Agency based on need.

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