At the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, we are committed to addressing Anti-Black racism in our Service delivery to Black children, youth, and families through dedicated internal initiatives. This includes providing our staff with ongoing training, workshops and consultations designed to support them in making informed decisions regarding the safety, well-being and permanency of Black children and youth.

Our approach is about fostering a deep understanding and awareness of the impact of Anti-Black Racism. By equipping our internal teams with tools and knowledge to confront these challenges, we aim to identify systemic barriers in our work and provide Service that leads to better outcomes for Black families.

Our focus externally is on building and stewarding relationships with Black-serving community organizations and professionals who bridge the gap between our Agency’s Service delivery and the range of supports families need to resource themselves and keep their children and youth safe. Through this community engagement, our goal is to connect Black families with trusted networks from and within their own respective communities.