The Ready Set Go (RSG) program launched in 2023, replacing the Continue Care & Support for Youth (CCSY) program. RSG aims to provide youth transitioning out of care with the supports needed to transition successfully from care to adulthood.

Eligibility for the RSG Program

You are eligible if you were:

  • In Extended Society Care on your 18th birthday
  • In a formal Customary Care Agreement or Voluntary Youth Services Agreement (VYSA) immediately prior to your 18th  birthday
  • In Extended Society Care then placed in the legal custody of a caregiver through a court order until your 18th birthday
  • Married before the age of 18 and in Extended Society Care or placed in the legal custody of a caregiver, immediately before your marriage

AND you agree to sign an RSG Agreement and Youth Plan.

Access the Ready Set Go brochure in our Brochures section of the website to learn more about eligibility, supports and services available, and agreement requirements.

Learn more about the Ready Set Go Program (RSG) here.