At the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto we aim to provide the highest quality of service to children, youth and families. If you have sought or received service from our Agency and have a concern or complaint, we want to hear from you. Download our brochure from our Brochures page here or follow below to better understand the steps we can take together to resolve your complaint.

To report a concern or complaint, we encourage you to begin with our four-step Early Resolution Process. If through the Early Resolution Process we are unable to resolve the matter you can initiate a Formal Complaint Process. Please note, you are not required to use the Early Resolution Process and can begin the Formal Complaint Process at any time.

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Early Resolution Process

  • Step One: Connect with Your Worker

    You can begin the Early Resolution Process by sharing your concern or complaint directly with your Worker to determine if there is an explanation or solution.

    If doing so is difficult, we encourage you to ask a family member, friend or community agency for help.

  • Step Two: Connect with a Supervisor

    If your concern or complaint is not resolved, you can talk to a Supervisor. The Supervisor will be in touch with you to try to resolve your concern or complaint.

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  • Step Three: Connect with a Director

    If the Supervisor is unable to resolve your concern, you may connect with a Director.

    The Director will meet with you to better understand the situation. Within 2 weeks of the meeting, the Director will contact you to share possible resolutions and next steps.

  • Step Four: Connect with a Manager

    If your concern or complaint is not resolved in Step 3, you can connect with a Manager, Client Services who will talk with you about your concern and offer suggestions for how to resolve it. This may include mediating with you and your service team to reach a solution.

Formal Complaint Process

You can begin a Formal Complaint Process at any time by engaging our Internal Complaints Review Panel and/or the Child and Family Services Review Board.

Begin by filling out the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ Internal Complaints Review Panel Form accessed here.

Send the completed form to the Manager, Client Services via mail, hand delivery or email.

Manager, Client Services

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

30 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1N1

416-924-4646 ext. 2103

If you have questions or are unable to access the form, please reach out to the Manager, Client Services for support.

Within 7 days of submitting the form, you will receive a response from our Agency letting you know if your complaint will be reviewed by our Internal Complaints Review Panel or if other options are available.

If your complaint will be reviewed, you will be invited to meet and share your concerns within 14 days, unless you request a later date.

Within 2 weeks of this meeting, you will receive a letter summarizing the outcome.

The Child and Family Services Review Board (CFSRB) is an external tribunal that reviews certain complaints related to child welfare services in Ontario. Learn more about the CFSRB process here. Please click here to access the CFSRB complaint form visit.

You may contact either of these government bodies before or after completing our Early Resolution Process and/or any Formal Complaint Process.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s Office reviews concerns and complaints about services received from a Children’s Aid Society. Visit to learn more and access its complaint form.

If your complaint is regarding a child or youth’s placement, the Residential Placement Advisory Committee may be able to review your concern. Contact 416-482-0081 ext. 7233 or  for more information.

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