About Foster Children

Our Current Needs

One of our greatest challenges is finding foster families willing to welcome an infant or toddler, a tween or teen, or a child or youth with special needs into their home. Often foster parents have to support and guide children and youth who struggle with hurt, anger and disappointment. For adolescents facing challenging times, having a family to turn to can make all the difference. We are fortunate to have foster parents who have the desire and have developed the skills to foster children with special needs. These children thrive in a foster family who focus on helping children with special needs develop to their full potential. We are in need of more foster families who can devote themselves to special children with special needs. Infants and toddlers need supportive and caring families to give them a good start in life. We need more foster families who can offer a home and primary care for children in this age group.

Who Are The Children?

Foster children come from many different and diverse backgrounds. From low income to the affluent, they could live next door, attend your place of worship or be playmates of your children. They are members of your community. Children entering foster care range in age from newborns to sixteen years of age. Foster families may specify the age range and gender of children they care for in their homes.

The Children's Aid Society of Toronto has a need for foster homes for infants and toddlers, teens, children with special needs and sibling groups. When siblings are admitted into care, every effort is made to keep them together.

The goal of the Children's Aid Society of Toronto is to keep families together. Where this is not possible, we try to ensure that each child has a safe, stable and permanent foster family placement. At the end of their time in foster care children may:

  • Return home or be placed with relatives 
  • Move on to adoption 
  • Work towards independence with the assistance of the Children's Aid Society of Toronto’s independent living programs