A Q&A with our Volunteer Driver

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There are many ways to volunteer with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST), including becoming a Volunteer Driver as part of our Children’s Transportation Centre. Our Volunteer Drivers support CAST and the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, by providing rides for young people in care to and from their homes, visits, and appointments. We turn to them to ensure children and youth, from infants to teenagers, are provided with safe and supportive door-to-door service and supervision.

Verna our volunteer driverdecorative-spacerAs we work to recruit further volunteers to join our team, we sat down with Verna, a long-time Volunteer Driver, to learn more about her role and the meaningful impact it allows her to make.  

How many years have you been a Volunteer Driver?
I have been a Volunteer Driver for almost 20 years. While I have had different volunteer experiences, this has been the most rewarding. This is because of the long-term relationships I have made and being able to watch the children and youth I meet grow. 

What inspired you to become a Volunteer Driver?
I became a Volunteer Driver because I was inspired by my passion for children and volunteerism. I have also been volunteering for over 30 years for different organizations, specifically those that help youth.  This includes John Brooks Scholarship Organization where I was on the board of directors for 30 years after being on different committees. Additionally, I am involved with Markham African Canadian Caribbean Association which is also a scholarship-based organization. 

Why is being a Volunteer Driver meaningful to you?
My favourite part of being a Volunteer Driver is collaborating with children, youth, parents, and Foster Parents. We work together as a team to provide transportation as needed. 

While my children have already grown up and I have grandchildren, there is always room in my heart for spreading more love. This is meaningful to me because I look forward to helping others and creating friendships, and it gives me a sense of purpose. 

What would you say to individuals interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver?
I would encourage those who are interested to apply because it is a truly rewarding experience. It provides you with an opportunity to serve others and make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and their parents and Foster Parents.

Click here for the full description of the Volunteer Drive role and how you can apply.