Celebrating Kinship Awareness Week

Kinship Awareness Week

This week, September 21 - 25, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto is celebrating ‘Kinship Awareness Week’ by coming together with Children’s Aid Societies across the province to celebrate kinship families and raise awareness of the important role they play in keeping children and youth safe and connected to their families.

Kinship Service and Kinship Care are child welfare placement options, like fostering, for children who can no longer live at home due to safety reasons. Kinship includes any living arrangement in which a relative, community member or someone who has a connection to the child or family takes primary responsibility for the child. Kin is most often family with a biological or adoption connection like a grandparent or aunt/uncle, but it can also be kith, to include community members such as a family friend, teacher, coach or neighbour.

By providing a safe and familiar environment, kinship care and service providers allow for children and youth to preserve connection to their community, family, heritage, culture and traditions. This helps to build the child and youth’s sense of belonging, confidence and support while maintaining their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

On behalf of all staff members at CAS of Toronto, we’re extending our thanks to many kinship families we work with who continue to step up and open their homes to provide for vulnerable children and youth in need.

Learn more about kinship and the benefits of keeping children and youth in their communities by watching our videos linked below to hear directly from kinship providers, a youth and CAS of Toronto Kinship Workers.

Understanding the Role of Kinship Families Long Version (22minutes)

Understanding the Role of Kinship Families Short Version (9minutes 45 seconds)