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Toronto CAS’ annual report highlights elevating the lives of children, youth and families in their communities

Today, the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (Toronto CAS) released its 2019–2020 Annual Report entitled, Elevate. The report showcases Toronto CAS’ commitment to elevating the lives of children, youth and families as well as continuing to work with and build dynamic partnerships with community, partners and government to ensure child well-being, safety and brighter futures for the children, youth and the families they serve.

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Some highlights include:

  • 994 Children in Care Served
  • Reduced number of days in care by 16 per cent for Black and Bi-Racial children and youth
  • 14,899 Screening Cases Opened (Total number of calls reporting abuse, neglect, seeking information and community links)
  • 360,424 Social media impressions
  • 158 stories totalling 183,092,986 million media impressions
  • Volunteers contributed an average of over 147 hours per week of volunteering, over the course of the year, or just over 4 people working 35 hour work weeks, for 1 year. (This includes direct and non-direct service roles)

The agency also highlighted how it had to quickly shift focus, given the COVID-19 pandemic while remaining focused on the importance of its commitment to its strategic directions, notably championing diversity, equity and inclusion through everything that they do.

“We live in a diverse world and we need to ensure that equity is practiced in our work with children, youth and families and we need to make certain that our agency reflects the diversity of our great city. We are therefore challenging ourselves to reduce the number of Black children and youth in care and we are also strategically advancing mentorship programs that support Black youth to identify and celebrate their culture,”

said Toronto Children’s Aid Society’s CEO, Paul Rosebush.

“By the end of the year, we found ourselves in a world crisis, a pandemic that continues to ravage the world, and in particular, the most vulnerable among us. At no other time has it been so important for everyone in the child welfare village to support the care of children and youth. Fortunately, we are well positioned to do so.,”

added Board Chair, Margot Trevelyan.

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