Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities header image


LEAD - Strategic Priority #1

Lead change through
innovation, excellence and evidence-informed practice.


  • Establish & expand service collaborations with mental health experts.
  • Pioneer Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.
  • Explore shared services for Intake Screening.
  • Integrate new information systems.
  • Intensify recruitment for kinship and adoption.
  • Utilize a new supervision model.
  • Pilot collaborative service interventions with identified communities.
STRENGTHEN - Strategic Priority #2

Strengthen services to children and families through collaboration, strategic community partnerships and advocacy.


  • Increase collaboration with key community service providers in children and adult mental health and addictions.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and feedback.
  • Increase collaboration with identified ethno/racial/cultural equity-seeking communities to enhance our response to their service needs.
  • Reinforce quality assurance practices in regard to out-of-home placements.
  • Optimize permanency plans for children and youth in out-of-home placements.
  • Prepare and support children and youth to transition to community-based care.
  • Optimize integration of new technology to evolve service delivery and administration and create efficiencies.
ENHANCE - Strategic Priority #3

Enhance responsive and transparent communications with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Be proactive and thorough in communicating issues affecting the organization and child welfare field.
  • Communicate with collateral service providers in new ways.
  • Increase visibility internally and externally of CAST activities on priority issues of mental health, housing, and income security.
  • Make communications accessible in keeping with AODA.
CREATE - Strategic Priority #4

Create an informed and accurate understanding of the purpose
and value of CAS of Toronto.


  • Utilize social and local community-based media to deliver messages and stories about CAST
  • Improve communication with clients regarding mandate, service delivery processes, quality assurance, & feedback opportunities.
  • Participate in community events.
ENSURE - Strategic Priority #5

Ensure financial sustainability.


  • Manage resources to meet existing and projected service and organizational needs.
  • Promote permanency strategies for children and youth who are admitted to care or at-risk for admission to care.
  • Utilize shared services where cost-benefit analysis is positive for CAST.